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Why I created my daycare:

When I was in your shoes and looking for daycare for my own children, I couldn’t find what I wanted in a daycare. Home daycares were inattentive, chaotic, and so heavily focused on infants & toddlers my school aged children were mostly on their own. So I changed to a professional daycare centre and found tedious routines which my children did not want after a long day at school. I found young adults freshly out of school who had no children of their own trying to understand my child who had learning disabilities and special needs. More times than I can count, I was giving them advice of what to do.

I also found bullies and little being done about it. I witnessed my child being punished when he reported being bullied. I decided that day I had seen enough. My children were miserable and so was I and hated each day I dropped them off at the centre. I decided to create what I could not find. I took my experience as a mother of three plus my education from Humber College in the Child & Youth Service Worker professional field and created Dana’s Daycare. I’ve looked and continue to research what other home & professional centres offer in their programs. I take what I like, ignore what I don’t and add my own ideas I would have liked to have found in a daycare. Institutional feelings & bullying are replaced with `coming home` feelings & safe play; a place where parents and children speak directly, without reservations, to resolve concerns while maintaining respect to one another. The children in my care are cared for as if they were at home. Many activities are available to all the children and all are encouraged without being forced to participate. Each child in my care is unique and I enjoy getting to know each one of them for who they are as people and not as a number. Your children will not be ignored and forced to sit in one room doing next to nothing until you arrive. I guarantee it!

I have created Dana’s Daycare with one question in mind. “Would I allow my own children to attend?”

Children’s Activities:

I will provide individual and group activities in order to maximize the opportunity for meaningful learning and play. I intend to provide a safe, caring, and stimulating environment where children will be encouraged to express their individuality and to develop a positive self-image and self-confidence.

Group activities are designed to teach children cooperation, constructive and appropriate social interaction, and communication skills in an atmosphere of caring and play. Children develop physical skills appropriate to their stage of development through indoor and outdoor play.

Individual activities provide the opportunity to learn self-help and life skills that are age-appropriate, ie: dressing and washroom routines, and creative activities


Discipline is carried out in a non-threatening manner that is appropriate to the child’s level of development. Techniques used are to encourage empathy, respect for others and encourage elevation of self worth. I work to ensure health and safety and to promote self-respect, respect for the rights of others and respect for property. Spanking and other forms of corporal punishment are never used under any circumstances. Correctly executed time out methods, redirection, positive creative goals and removal of privileges are a few of the choices of disciplines used.

Parental Involvement:

Although I do not insist on it, I due encourage parents to participate in their child’s day as much as they are able and I welcome opportunities for you to meet with the other families in my care. I believe it helps develop trust when parents are given the opportunity to openly communicate with or without me. I would be very distrustful towards any caregiver who would not allow me to know the other families or number of children in their care. Our children play and spend much of their day with each other and I believe it healthy to know the families with which your child(ren) is in contact with on a daily basis. I encourage parents to bring any concerns or questions to my attention thru verbal, written or online messages. You are welcome to add points of interests to our private website involving the entire daycare family group. I am always looking for new exciting ideas to stimulate the children’s interest, so if you have any ideas, please don’t keep them to yourselves. Parents are always welcome to drop in and join the fun.

Services provided:

  • Nutritious snacks & lunches
  • Invitation to our exclusive daycare website to help keep parents involved.
  • Movie nights, board games & puzzles, blocks, play dough
  • Children television programming (limited), age appropriate video games (limited)…etc
  • Educational opportunities
  • Holiday celebrations: Halloween costume parties, Christmas parties. Easter egg hunts...etc
  • Spirit Days: Backward Inside Out Day, Hawaiian Day, Sport Day, PJ Day
  • Creative and Fun Crafts
  • Outside play and activities
  • Field Trips when numbers allow
  • Sports and physical fitness
  • Printed yearly receipts
  • Activities designed to keep your child’s interest
  • Lots of love and attention

Invoicing & Scheduling:

  • Changes to your schedule must be made prior to 6pm each Friday for the following week
  • Families become occasional family policy when booking care for normally unscheduled days.
  • Daycare schedules are made up the month prior Check this schedule weekly for accuracy.
  • If your child will absent, please contact me in advance to let me know.
  • Daycare accounts are billed on Saturday for the following week.
  • Invoices are made up and emailed to you biweekly.
  • A statement will be emailed to you as a reminder your payment is due on your due date
  • Stat holidays & sick days are billable
  • Overdue invoices will be subject to a $10/day late charge, including weekends.
  • Payments are due by 6pm on the day your invoice is due
  • Reoccurring late payments may result in:

a)pre-payment requirement or

b)risk termination of your spot in the daycare.


Receipts are printed annually. Invoices are emailed biweekly and are printable. Any additional copies to your account can be emailed to you during the year.

Occasional Care Policy:

Some families only require occasional care on a given day or do not require care five days a week. These families will be able to book their regularly unscheduled care needs after 6pm each Friday for the following week on a first come first serve basis. Space is not guaranteed for occasional care needs.


I do not charge families for my vacation times. Two weeks of vacation taken by families will not be billable. 

School Breaks:

The children spend their school days with me for much of their day. I believe the children need a change during their school breaks and I also need to refresh to avoid burnout and maintain energetic longevity as a reliable and dedicated provider. Therefore, daycare will close for winter, March and summer breaks unless announced otherwise. Families are not billed during these weeks to allow you to budget for day camps or other activities. Daycare will remain open for PA Days with a minimum of 4 children requiring care for the day.

Sick Days:

I understand we cannot take time off of work each time our child has a sniffle or mild cough, but if your child is sick enough to not be able to go to school or play outside, please make other arrangements for daycare until your child is well enough to return to daycare. I will not accept a child in care with a fever, diarrhea, or vomiting. Highly contagious illnesses such as strep throat & pink eye must be under medication for 24hrs prior to returning to the daycare. Other contagious illnesses, such as chicken pox or lice outbreaks, must be clear prior to returning to daycare. Hand sanitizer is available in the coat room for all to use.

If I am not available due to an emergency or sickness, I will not charge for the day. Parents are advised as soon as possible of these extremely rare days.

Emergency Closures:

Although it has never occurred, if ever there was an emergency, there would be no time to contact each individual parent of an unplanned closure. However, there would be a notice posted on the outside daycare door telling parents the daycare will be closed due to a personal emergency. All children, regardless of age, must be walked to the door and made sure they have entered safely. Without walking your children to the door, parents would not have knowledge of any closure notice and children will be left outside. Never let your child out in my driveway to let them enter on their own then drive away.

Pick Ups:

It is important to make eye contact with me when picking up your children. Do not rely on another child to tell me you have claimed your child.

General Daycare Practices:

  • The entrance is located at the east side (gravel path side) of my home behind the garage. All families are required to use this entrance to allow my family personal privacy. The door is open at 6:30am and leads to our downstairs coat room and play area. No need to knock, just come on in. Early arrivals are asked to keep noise low as my oldest son’s bedroom is just inside the daycare coatroom.
  • The coat room is where your child’s cubby is located. Please check these cubbies on a regular basis for needed items and extra cloths sized correctly with seasonal needs.
  • All children must use the coat hooks provided and place backpacks/diaper bags in the area provided to allow others to enter and exit without tripping.
  • The lower level, kitchen and backyard are all available to the children in my care. I ask that the children remain in these areas to allow some privacy to my family. The bedrooms, living & dining rooms will be off limits.
  • I encourage the children to tidy up their area after completing an activity. I ask that parents back me in this request. It will save me time in the evening to do the things I need to do for my family and teach the children responsibility while boosting self-esteem for a job well done.
  • I will not release a child to anyone who I suspect is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or showing signs of being a danger to a child. If such a situation does occur, your emergency backup will be called for pick up. All alternate pick up persons must show ID prior to your child being released to them.
  • I do not accept foul language, hitting or damage to property in my care. I encourage respect of ones self, respect of each other and respect of property. Damage to my property will be billable or be required to be replaced. Physical or verbal abuse perpetrated by the parent/guardian upon myself, my family, or other children in my care will result in immediate termination from the daycare.
  • Your child’s profile is emailed to you near the beginning of the school year to ensure updates of any changes to important information. Please maintain updated information as needed throughout the year. It is important to have accurate contacts, numbers, addresses, and medical information in case of an emergency.

Please bring any concerns, question or ideas to my attention. The best feedback I can receive is from the parents whom children I have been entrusted.

You are invited to join our private website with enrolment. This website cannot be searched and is dedicated to the families enrolled in Dana's Daycare. It's a place where we can share photos, ideas, and concerns. Families can also find links to useful sites such as your school & school board’s website’s & the busing cancellation site for wintery weather days and current parenting sites to name just a few.